Weebly is one of the best platforms for building classroom websites, students portfolios & websites for assignments. Weebly provides drag & drop functionality that is extremely simple to use and appropriate for students of all age groups. It allows students to show their creativity level and express their thoughts by using a massive number of multimedia features within a secure environment that you control.

Advantages of Using Weebly:

Easy, Drag & Drop Editor:-  One of the most important core advantage of using weebly is that it provide website editor with drag and drop functionality. Images, Videos, Maps, Pictures and Text can be added easily by dragging them to the desired place on your website. Students like it because it is straight forward to build site with weebly- no HTML and Technical knowledge require.

Managed, Protected Environments:- We think privacy is most important for students, teachers & parents. You can manage full control over websites which are public or private and which can be edited by students. Its easy to make a bulk students new account and manage all students activity at same place.

Flexible Blogging Feature:-

Homework assignments, post blog updates, news for parents by its powerful blogging features. Blogging is best for students to express their knowledge and thoughts and receive comments from other students & teachers. It Offers the services for full comment moderation authorizing moderate, open & closed conversation . Students can add unlimited number of blogs within a single site on weebly.

Powerful Multimedia Features:-Adding Audio players, pictures, videos, maps, documents and photo galleries etc. are easily add by its drag and drop features. You can also use Branded audio and video players of weebly so that students don’t need to venture you tube and other similar kind of services for high quality videos.

Its Free: -Weebly provides complete free services to its users. Its complete free to build and publish a website with elegant designs.

No Advertising:-Weebly doesn’t theft your website data and don’t show any kind of ads on your weebly website.

Hosting Included – No Restriction:-Weebly provides hosting so users don’t need a hosting provider to run their sites and pay for it.

70+ Beautiful Designs:-Taking a Decision for a websites look and layout is not an easy task. Weebly make it easy by providing pre build templates and themes for your website.

Publish on Your Own Domain:-If you already have an domain then you can also use weebly for building website for that domain. Weebly provides three options for creating your sites:

Choose a Free Subdomain with weebly.com and publish your website.
Buy a domain from weebly and create your site instantly.
Configure a already available domain to run with weebly.