WordPress Malware Issue


How to Detect & Fix Malware Attack from WordPress Site

Now a day, hackers are commonly using “WordPress Redirect Hack” or “WordPress Malware Redirect” for redirecting your site visitors to malicious websites, phishing pages, and malware websites.  It happens because of code which is injected into your WordPress database that leads your WordPress site to redirect to another site.

If anyone wants to find out a malicious WordPress redirect then it can be detected through the site’s front end when any visitor will request to reach on any particular page but he will be redirected to any other page instead of the page he requested. There is a particular script which is generally used by hackers for redirecting the website to harm your website and put the popularity at stake. There are some tricks to change the website’s redirection includes-

  • Can add them as a ghost admin on your website
  • Can inject or upload a malicious cope in your WordPress site.
  • Can execute .php code.

If any hacker adds malicious script then it will be looked like a legitimate file that’s the part of WordPress core files on the website.

How to detect and clean WordPress redirect hack

There are given some steps which should be taken before fixing the hack-

  • If you want to fix the WordPress malware redirect hack then you should make sure that your website is temporarily put offline before starting fixing.
  • If you are going to make some changes in the core files and the database of the website then before that you should take back up of all hacked pages. Its main benefit is that if the necessary content is accidentally removed then it can be referred. And the main thing is to remember that a copy of all the files should be kept.
  • Suppose you don’t have much knowledge about javascript, CMS or PHP files of your website then it is recommended to hire or consult a professional so that your issue can be sought ours easily.


If you want to remove malicious code from your WordPress website then there is given a process-

  • Scan your WordPress site- In today technology world, there are various ways to identify that your website has been hacked with a malicious script. If you find out that your company site has been hacked then firstly you should generate a complete backup of your website. Backup is very important because it works as a savior in case of occurrences of any mistake while cleaning your site. After having the complete backup of the website, you can run a website scan by using WordPress Malware Scanner.
  • Find the malicious code– Malicious code can be placed anywhere on your website and if you are going to scan these code then it will not be an easy task. If you want to get access to these places to start the malware cleaning process then you will be required ftp/ftps login details.
  • Deeper dig in the website- If you want to run the test for analyzing that your website is infected with a malware code or not then this testing will not have a negative impact. For achieving the same, you have to pretend that you are a user agent and are using Googlebot simulator. Apart from this, you can also FETCH AS GOOGLE from the website’s webmaster console.

Removing bad code- If your website is redirecting to the abusive site then it is very necessary to remove malicious scripts. For removing this malicious code with the new pages, you can use the “remove URLs feature” and can also remove by going to Google’s Search Engine Console. Apart from this, you should update plugins, themes and also ensure the new core theme is installed plus up-to-date and should also change or reset the password.