How to Switch from Wix to WordPress?


Wix is a website builder with drag & drop websites that allows you create simple websites . Many users that are using Wix understands that they have only a limited number of features and functionality options. Adding Some Extra features in your wix website become quite expensive. If you don’t want to pay a lot for more features then switch to self hosted wordpress platform which is a best choice.

There are several methods available for switching wix to wordpress.  After checking all the ways of switching wix to wordpress we find that the most easiest way of switching is importing your blogs post through RSS.

Here are the instructions to switch wix to wordpress depending on how many pages are available on your wix website. The migration of wix to wordpress take upto an hour.

Steps to Migrate Wix to WordPress:-
  1. Sign up or Create an Account for WordPress Hosting.
  2. Setup Your WordPress Website.
  3. Customize you websites appearance and style.
  4. Import blogs post through RSS.
  5. Convert your existing wix site pages to new wordpress.
  6. Create Main Navigation Menu.
  7. Redirect Wix to WordPress.
Reasons for switching Wix to WordPress:
  • Ownership:- Wix does not permits you to run your own website, domain & hosting. By the use of WordPress you can own self hosted domain and platform for all content that you have uploaded. If you are suffering from fear of data losing then wix is not suitable for you.
  • Themes & Templates:-WordPress consists 3000 topics for providing access in its subject registry – in which many are available for free and some are also paid. Wix only have 500 html layouts. Wix don’t offers flexibility, with less subjects accessibility.
  • Flexibility:- Wix restricts your websites capacity and expendability. You don’t allow to change host, regardless how much your business endures because that reason. Since WordPress is open source. It provides prominent adaptability.
  • Plugins & Apps:- Plugins makes wordpress more intense and add more features in your wordpress website. Currently wordpress has greater than 35000 plugins that is available for all of your purposes to the wordpress websites. Wix offers only 200 applications that are free & premium.
  • Search Engine Optimization:- WIX Sites don’t raise to ranking while the wordpress locales. There are a lot of reasons for which google love wordpress. Google favors wordpress because it have more modules that being perceived by google index that is a sign of improved google ranking.