DIVI Theme- The Best Multipurpose Theme 2018

Divi is the latest multipurpose theme by elegant themes which is available as part of 87 themes and 3 plugins. Since its release, the theme gets so much popularity because of its attractive design & features including DIVI Builder.

Divi theme has been updated by its developer regularly from the day of its release and now it becomes a flagship theme from elegant themes. The most impressive part of DIVI theme is page builder which has the features of true front-end page builder tools with click inline editing.

So if you guys are looking for a responsive stylish WordPress theme that can be customized in every way. Then DIVI is the best suitable theme for you.

DIVI Theme is powered by the Divi visual page builder, an insanely fast & incredibly intuitive front-end editor. It will completely change your tradition method of building websites.

Divi Theme Features:

  1. Real Time Design:- Instant design updates, whenever you make a change in your webpage it will reflect instantly right before your eyes. You can design your webpage with live changes.
  2. Just Click & Type:- to write a text on your webpage you doesn’t need to navigate through setting panel. Just click on the section where you want to write something and start typing.
  3. Customize Everything:- each and every element of DIVI Theme is customizable. You can adjust fonts, spacing, colors and even custom CSS as per your desire.
  4. Responsive Editing:- you can check your design previews live with responsive editing & also apply custom changes to give your website the look you want from specific mobile points.
  5. Organize with Ease:- Add new row or columns and choose from various types. Every row and columns fit together perfectly automatically to give a eye catchy and unique look to your webpage.
  6. Global Elements:- Sync various global elements across multiple pages. Update global elements only for once as per need and they will change at every place automatically where they are included.
  7. 46 Content Modules:- DIVI has the powerful feature of drag and drop builder which comes with 46 different content modules . Mix, match & build any design or layout that you can imagine. In DIVI theme, there is unlimited number of possibilities for a layout.
  8. Import & Export:- It is also an amazing feature of DIVI Theme & Visual Page Builder that you make the layouts and save it to your library for use it later. You can import, export, share & download layouts from web.
  9. Little to No Loading:- DIVI Builder is insanely fast which don’t require to refresh pages or update it to reflect the changes and also has zero loading of any kind of changes.
  10. Premade Layouts:- DIVI comes with 20+ premade design layouts, you can choose one of them if you want to make your design process easy.